Get methods: Name field

This rule enforces that all Get standard methods have a string name field in the request message, as mandated in AIP-131.


This rule looks at any message matching Get*Request and complains if the name field type is not string.


Incorrect code for this rule:

// Incorrect.
message GetBookRequest {
  bytes name = 1;  // Field type should be `string`.

Correct code for this rule:

// Correct.
message GetBookRequest {
  string name = 1;


If you need to violate this rule, use a leading comment above the field. Remember to also include an comment explaining why.

message GetBookRequest {
  // (-- api-linter: core::0131::request-name-field=disabled
  // This uses `bytes` for historical reasons. --)
  bytes name = 1;

If you need to violate this rule for an entire file, place the comment at the top of the file.