This rule discourages the use of google.protobuf.Any, as described in AIP-146.


This rule complains if it sees a google.protobuf.Any field. Common packages (such as google.api or google.longrunning) are excluded.


Incorrect code for this rule:

// Incorrect.
message Book {
  // google.protobuf.Any is discouraged.
  google.protobuf.Any contents = 1;

Correct code for this rule:

The correct code is likely to vary substantially by use case. See AIP-146 for details and tradeoffs of various approaches for generic fields.


If you need to violate this rule, use a leading comment above the method. Remember to also include an comment explaining why.

// (-- api-linter: core::0146::any=disabled
// We need to do this because reasons. --)
message Book {
  google.protobuf.Any contents = 1;

If you need to violate this rule for an entire file, place the comment at the top of the file.