Soft delete

Rules for AIP-164, covering soft delete.

Rule name Description
http-body Undelete methods should use `*` as the HTTP body.
http-method Undelete methods must use the POST HTTP verb.
http-uri-suffix Undelete methods must have the correct URI suffix
request-message-name Undelete methods must have standardized request message names.
request-name-behavior Undelete RPCs should annotate the `name` field with `google.api.field_behavior`.
request-name-field Undelete RPCs must have a `name` field in the request.
request-name-reference Undelete RPCs should annotate the `name` field with `google.api.resource_reference`.
request-unknown-fields Undelete RPCs should not have unexpected fields in the request.
resource-expire-time-field Resources supporting soft delete must have an `expire_time` field.
response-lro Declarative-friendly undelete methods should use long-running operations.
response-message-name Undelete methods must return the resource.

Note: Because AIPs sometimes cover topics that have some overlap, some rules related to soft delete may be included in the rules for other AIPs.