Standard methods: Create

Rules for AIP-133, covering create methods.

Rule name Description
http-body Create methods must have the HTTP body set to the resource.
http-method Create methods must use the POST HTTP verb.
http-uri-parent Create methods must map the parent field to the URI.
http-uri-resource The collection where the resource is added should map to the URI path.
method-signature Create RPCs should annotate an appropriate method signature.
request-id-field create methods should have a client-specified ID field.
request-message-name Create methods must have standardized request message names.
request-parent-behavior Create RPCs should annotate the `parent` field with `google.api.field_behavior`.
request-parent-field Create RPCs must have a `parent` field in the request.
request-parent-reference Create RPCs should annotate the `parent` field with `google.api.resource_reference`.
request-parent-required Create RPCs must have a `parent` field in the request.
request-required-fields Create RPCs must not have unexpected required fields in the request.
request-resource-behavior Create RPCs should annotate the resource field with `google.api.field_behavior`.
request-resource-field Create RPCs must have a field for the resource in the request.
request-unknown-fields Create RPCs should not have unexpected fields in the request.
resource-reference-type Create should use a `child_type` reference to the created resource.
response-lro Declarative-friendly create methods should use long-running operations.
response-message-name Create methods must return the resource.
synonyms Create methods must be named starting with "Create".

Note: Because AIPs sometimes cover topics that have some overlap, some rules related to create methods may be included in the rules for other AIPs.